A toast! Ray did it!

This might sound ridiculous, but the high of my fishing year to date was someone else’s.  My brother-from-another-mother, Ray Montoya has been hunting down Roosters on foot.  Yup, like we all want to.  Ray prescribes to the exact same fishing ethos as I do, so I know exactly whats going through his mind and what […]

Mission Oman – in conclusion

The saltwater fly fishing community has been spoilt, we get chances to fish aquariums like Farquhar, Los Roques, Kiribati, etc, which have shifted the paradigm and raised the expectations unrealistically of fisherman lucky enough to have experienced them.  Places like that get you used to tripping over fish all day long. And so I think […]

MIssion Oman – The last two

We effectively had two days of fishing left before the bad weather arrived.  We’d already seen the warnings, and the dropping barometer was possibly the reason for the more aggressive feeding behaviour. I would play guide and photographer, my final mission was to get pictures of these fish feeding and tailing.  No more fish were […]

Mission Oman – when it rains.

Day 11 – (17 December 2013) I struggled to sleep last night.  My slightly skinnier frame seemed not to handle all the adrenalin too well.  The focus had shifted to getting Theo onto perms, and getting some better DSLR pics of fish feeding and presentations.  We’re geared up and back on the reefs.  They’re gone. […]

Mission Oman Day 9 and 10 – First Blood

Day 9 (15 December 2013) We’re positive this morning.  It was a funny night.  The outhouse tents and shower tents at camp guantanamo blew over, so we finally had some human interaction to watch while we had our corn flakes, milk powder and water. The tide is starting to fit perfectly now.  It starts to drop […]

Mission Oman – Day 1 and 2

DAY 1  (07 December 2013) We woke up to the sounds of low geared, battered up and rusted land cruiser bakkies taking fisherman to the nearest village.  The Bengali fisherman locked on us with their trademark stare.  We drove around to find cell reception and then called Ray. He was on the way to our […]

Mission Oman Begins -the arrival

We arrived in scorching Muscat pretty excited.  All our luggage had arrived which is always a bonus.   Just passed the iris scanners used on labour is the Visa counter, which is a thinly disguised forex beareau de change. Through the arrivals and I see Theo waiting.  All smiles.  We hustle around looking for a […]