Alflexo SBS

The myth, the legend.  The fly that has embarrassed self respecting Alphonse and St Francois Permit for a few seasons now. My first attempts at this were laughable.  The “crab tube” I had bought was not the right stuff at all.  A post by MC offered clues into the material used.  Techflex Flexo tube in […]

Fishing Crab Patterns – Part 2

Fishing crabs requires a little more thought than simply retrieving in a regular pattern. Have you ever observed a crab? If you get the chance, pay close attention to how they react to a perceived threat. Their first response is often contrary to what is expected – while many do flee to structure in order […]

Evening Permit

So I’ve been trying crack the Mullet problem lately. I have been wanting to catch Mugil Cephalus (Mullet) without chum for ages now. Using bread, it’s easy. But I want one without using a starchy chum and a ‘Bread Fly’. I’ve been playing with floating shrimps, blood worms and variety of educated guesses but the Muggles have been difficult. There […]

Fishing Ugly Crabs

The first time I threw a crab pattern at a fish, I got denied. And so was the case for the second, third and so on times. I lost a lot of borrowed and non-existent faith in crab patterns and really relied far more on Charlie and smaller Clouser patterns for my flats fishing. There were so […]