I owe an apology

Work life really caught up with me this year.  I started two new ventures, and with consultants in the states and local office here it basically means im busy from 6am until 2am.  As you can imagine by the time the weekend arrives my body just wants sleep. That changes next week.  Next week I […]

Mission Oman – Day 5 to 8: The drought

on the road again Day 5 (11 December 2013) We wake up slightly despondent, and make the call to start searching for different species.  I have a lagoon further down the coast on the brain.  We don’t have much to go by other than what we can see on Google Maps, but we take the […]

Milk at home

My Milkfish nightmares started up this weekend again… and I started asking the question- can a Milkfish be caught in South African waters?  Are they still thick enough to target? We all know that decades ago they were thick in our home waters, but overfishing has been unkind, and its been years since ive even […]

My international list- Saltwater

Everyone has one.  This is mine for the brine. 1- Arabian Permit in Oman (are these the fabled Trach Mokalee?) 2- Christmas Island Milkfish / Alphonse lagoon Milkfish 3- Kenyan Broadbill Swordfish /  Croatian Broadbill Swordfish 4- Yucatan Permit 5- Leerfish in Montenegro 6- Namibian Steenbras

Farquhar day 4

Jack Samson, once editor of Field and Stream once wrote about Saltwater Fly Fishing that his love with the sport was visual. That fly fishing in the salt was 95% looking and searching, and 5% fishing. He considered it to be closer to hunting than fishing.  And as a novice fisherman evloves, he starts realizing […]

Thinking Milky Flies

Was chasing Milkies again yesterday, and as Murphy the shit would have it, now that I was ready they were nowhere to found. A change of wind direction and they had disappeared. New flies to test and no test subjects. Oh well. Below are pictures of two of the Milky flies I had ready and […]

Missing the Milkman

I’ve started to take this personally! This evening I had nine shots at Chanos chanos. Jono Shales with a magnificent Milky (photo courtesy of Exmouth Fly Fishing) And nothing. Denied every time. Drifting the wind lanes is a patient game. It’s so easy to get distracted by the huge amount of fish activity in these naturally food rich […]