Lesotho: First Awakenings

If Ryan and I were waaaay excited about testing the waters on our first, Rex was beyond! I can only describe his early morning keenness to fish as ‘savage’! I’ve always believed in keeping fairly gentlemanly hours when trout fishing but that morning I rather keen myself and was eager for a 6am start and […]

Lesotho: Arrival

Thanks to the Neon Charity Party the night before, I left Cape Town on Saturday with a hangover. Luckily it wasn’t long before I picked up Ryan Weaver, abandoned with backpack beside one of the Cape’s finest dry fly streams, the Smalblaar. The river was looking is great shade and a few fly fishers, dresse […]

We’re Back

So the Lesotho trip is done and dusted. We’re cleaning the grime off our bodies and muck off our gear. The photos need to be edited and the reports finalised. Watch this space, they’re coming 🙂