Dragons in the Northern Cape – Day 3

We cruised out home base and the home bay into a different body of water today.  Milky blue.  Ewan is feeling the pressure. We’d head back to my island first, and on the way there spot an awesome piece of structure.  A channel between two pinnacles.  In the deep sea this is exactly what you’d […]

Winter Sessions 2015 – Part 3

Freshwater Revival My wife and I had a humorous discussion about New Year’s resolutions on 31 December 2014. I had never committed to a New Year’s resolution in my life; however, feeling pressed to mention something I had on my heart I told her that although not relevant as a ‘resolution’, there was one dream […]

Queen of The Pool

I met some interesting fishing folk on my trip to the Red Sea last week. Since two pairs of the six Tourette Fishing clients on the trip were well acquainted with each other (respectively), I teamed up with Jeff Tyser, the only other solitary fisherman on the boat trip and shared a wonderful fishing adventure with him on the […]

What’s In Wentzel Vermeuling’s Largemouth Yellowfish Bag

Part of the point of the What’s in The Bag articles is to get an insight into the thought processes of not only the guides and big names, but of the everyday warriors too. So when Wentzel Vermeuling (Yes, that will be a mouth full for our overseas readers!) dropped me a mail and offered […]