Jungle Fever – Gabon on the Fly

And so it begins… Over the last couple weeks, many of us have opened Facebook or Instagram to soon find ourselves open mouthed and drooling over the images of the fishery in and around Tourette Fishing’s Sette Cama Camp in Gabon, mainly portrayed through the incredible lens work of TF Head Guide Mark Murray… This […]

Turning Points North

I’ve always been fascinated by pike and would love to catch the various members of the family Esocidae; looking forward to this high quality movie about the pike in northern America; many thanks for this RA Beattie.

Madagascar… Cracking the Code!

Photographs and text by Jeff Currier There’s no doubt that some of the best and wildest fly fishing exploits are planned around a campfire while on such a trip. The night begins with stories about the fishing that day and then stories of the week. As the beer begins to flow the thoughts turn from […]