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Jakos film game is on point.  His action stuff is epic, his comedy stuff is hilarious.  He knows our world and what makes fly fisherman tick.  The best part for me, the soundtrack.  Which is where a lot of other shorts seem to come unstuck. In this episode, Shade Fishy Fish walks us through his […]

The Aqua Hulk is here. This is Pauls hookup at the start of what became an incredible day.  This is the fish that got in the cave.  Jako tailed for a good 10 minutes to get it out. From my post on day 2 ( “As I started back Paul hooked up, and the shoal went mad as his […]

Farquhar day 1 & 2

Day 1 Up at 6, breakfast at 7.  Id be fishing with an old friend, Kyle Reed, and a new friend, Rob.  We’d fish the inside sand flats, my favourite place on earth. Before we got to the spot Kyle pulled the throttle, Barracuda! Big one!  But the long toothed Gandolf of the flats was […]