Trash fish of the flats

Jako Lucas shares his passion for tropical flats fishes that are not frequently targeted by clients. He says: “I love the idea of promoting the trash fish of the flats. Every day I spend fishing the flats with clients I wish they’d be more open minded about the fishes they target. Whenever I get the opportunity to fish […]

A little airtime for Cpt Jack!

Jako Lucas has had champing at the bit to see his 320 movie. I know I can’t wait! He dropped this on my wall my the other. Well played brother, flying the Saffa flag high!

Jako Lucas and the 320 Interview

Since the 90s, South African fly fishing guides have always made a mark on international scene – from the Seychelles based Labuschagne brothers opening St Josephs and the Amirantes way back, Arno Matthee cracking the Milkfish and the likes of Keith Rose-Innes, Graeme Field, Francois Botha and others. Jako Lucas is the next generation keeping […]

320 Video Teaser

Jako Lucas, of Flycastaway, dropped this little teaser on my fb wall yesterday. Tease it does, I can’t wait to see the full length product.

Gangsters of the Flats 2

When I watched Gangsters of the Flats for the first time, I cried a little. GTs are the most INSANE fish to catch in shallow water and Capt Jack’s short film brought back too many emotions. Here is the second instalment, filmed and edited by the Captain himself, be prepared… It may make you cry too! [vimeo […]

Aqua Hulk takes the win at Drake

Big ups to Flycastaway and Jako.  They cracked these fish and are the only reason we catch them today. Here it is again: My personal favorite: