Taking the Scenic Route

A Summer’s Escapades Into The Mountain Kingdom Part 4 of 4 Words and photos courtesy of Rex Fey Taking the Scenic Route This year in mid-May I had a long weekend available and I had just met a rabidly enthusiastic fly fisherman who was fit and keen join me on a hike up into Lesotho to catch […]

Back to the Highlands

While everyone is up in arms about the monsters of Katze! Rex Fey has been back to highlands recently. More stunning scenery from the Mountain Kingdom… Rex and Mike Avery were exploring new waters somewhere high and found a few small ones…  

Lesotho: Rounding Off

Getting back to work and routine last week was a serious shock to the system. I made several starts at finishing off my Lesotho posts but never even made a dent. So after a very well deserved (at least I think it was well deserved 🙂 ) weekend, I’m here in front of the keyboard […]

Lesotho: Every dog has his day

And so we woke early and were on the trail by 5:30am – early for trout in my opinion but the weather had gotten quite warm and we all left that the sluggish midday heat would put a dampener on both us and the fishing. We were heading down to fish the bigger water in […]

Lesotho: Passing Time

After Ryan’s stunning fish and our lunch with the chief, we headed off. The roads in Lesotho are engineering feats worthy of comment. The steep contours of the upper valleys make it difficult for goats to get from A to B, forget a 4×4. The roads climb high above the valleys and hug cliffs and […]

Lesotho: Why we came.

I came to Lesotho to sight fish to browns. It was that simple. And although the fishing had already taken an almost secondary position to the magnitude of the experience of just being here, I was still fighting down that little gremlin of frustration that was building up deep down. So it was decided that […]

Lesotho: Back down

Waking up on the escarpment is not something that is easily explained. The sun rises below you in the mists of the distant hills of Natal. The Ngeli lie far to south, barely discernable only after the sun gets higher. The light filters slowly up to you as it melts the grey mists to golden. […]

Lesotho: To The Escarpment

So the destination today was the escarpment. We were up early and packed light. Ryan was told were leaving in 30min, we left in an hour. He was getting better 🙂 The day promised to be hot; the sky spread blue to the distant horizons and the mountain’s seemed alive. We skipped the water I […]