Fundamental Fly Tying – part 4: Materials

Words by Gordon van der Spuy Photographs by Leonard Flemming Materials maketh the fly. Most people buy fly tying material the way they do groceries. People walk into a shop with a fly tying ‘grocery’ list, picking packets off the shelves like one would do when visiting Pick’n Pay. The problem with fly tying material […]

Fundamental Fly Tying DVD review

I know Gordon personally, so while enjoying the privilege to write a review about his movie, a step-by-step and informative fly tying DVD called Fundamental Fly Tying, I had to separate my emotions from it. Therefore, this is an honest review about my personal experience while watching Fundamental Fly Tying. Even though I chat to […]

Fundamental fly tying DVD

Most of our readers will know Gordon van der Spuy by now – search ‘Fundamental Fly Tying’ on this site to see some of his articles that have featured so far. Gord is a proactive fly fisherman and he has just released a fly tying DVD. He strives to make better fly tiers out of all the […]

Fundamental fly tying – part 3: Thread

By Gordon van der Spuy, photos by Leonard Flemming In the last issue I spoke about hooks. This time I want to tackle thread. Thread is possibly the most neglected aspect in tying today. Most tiers don’t give it the attention it deserves, probably because they don’t understand thread and its application properly. “What’s there […]

Para RAB

By Gordon van der Spuy The parachute RAB (para RAB in short) must rate as my all-time favourite fly. It is delicate and everything I look for in a dry fly is optimised in this pattern. I love tying it, but more importantly, I love fishing it. When trout commit to this fly they really […]

Fundamental fly tying – part 2: Hooks

Text by Gordon van der Spuy, photos by Leonard Flemming In my last piece (Tools of the Trade) I spoke about fly tying tools that will make tying life easy. Initially I thought of doing a piece on hooks, threads and basic materials but in retrospect I’ve decided against it. I’d rather cover each separately and […]

The Kokstad Twist

I will never forget meeting Rex Fey. It goes back to 1st year Simonsberg Residence at Stellenbosch University in 2001. I was terrible fly tier. He was amazing. I could catch fish. So could he! But he could tie tiny perfect dries – and catch fish. I had to catch up!  We fished, we bantered, […]