NZ North Island Backcountry!

This trailer, from Gin Clear Productions, has just filled me an immense amount of conflicting emotions… So much envy, possibly even hate, mixed in with a little greed for those wide open places… All that drowned out by desire, understanding and yearn for the immensity of those untouched places. The opening voice mirrors my own […]

Distinctive Fly Fishing – A NZ Short Vid

Found this on Gin Clear‘s Facebook page… It’s why you (and I) want (and need) to go to New Zealand. More great work from Nick and the team!

Nick and his Leviathan

Nick Reygaert has been busy these past years. I was lucky enough to fish with him once upon a time on the Lourens River in Somerset West when he visited for that awesome Rise Fly Fishing Film Festival (BTW, when’s it coming to South Africa again?) . We didn’t get any fish but we shared […]