There’s always another river, somewhere

Trawling the Net in an effort to dig up some gems for a commission on ‘lesser known’ hikes I unearthed this: “The valley section of the six-hour circular will see you criss-cross an unspoilt river system, characterised by deep pools.” This, less than an hour from where I sit. What lives in those ‘pools’ – […]


I love the concept of the five-minute fly fishing film. Short, sweet and gets the blood flowing in a minimal amount of time! The team from Adipose Fly Fishing has just released their new short film, Confluentus. From their vimeo site: “In the summer of 2013, the boys from Adipose Fly Fishing ventured north to […]

Damsels in Distress

I came across this clip this morning while sipping my pre-work coffee – that life saving bitter mug of awesomeness – and had to hit replay at the end. Some stunning close up footage of browns porpoising for low flying damsels. Well played to the team at SharpTail Media. This from their vimeo site: “My […]

Chasing Silver

Yes, it is a little cheesy but its my first attempt at proper video editing and the cheese seems to slide in automatically. This is a little highlights package from a great day on the flats of Praslin Island – it illustrates quite clearly how good the fishing can get on the Inner Islands! Enjoy… […]