blast from the past – fly fishing the kingdom day 5/6

Day 5: On return to Phuket I managed to get in contact with a local guy named Tim who on hearing I was a Fly Fisherman was keen to take me out to a few local spots.  The first afternoon we headed to Sawai Lake.  A newish fishing spot in Phuket stocked with Red Tail, […]

Blast from the past – fly fishing the kingdom day 3

ARAPAIMA 101! 7:15am They cruise in loose groups of two to three fish and by now Ive figured how to take them.  You cast what theyre eating (in this case a snakehead imitation) about 20cm in front of the fishes eyes (5cm more and you wont get it, 10cm less and you’ll miss it.  They […]

Blast from the past – Fly fishing the kingdom day 2

DAY 2: More blind casting in the morning. Nothing. More blind casting in the afternoon. Nothing.  And im not whipping a cute 3wt TXL around.  This fishing hurts. By now Ive caught everyones attention and they’ve noticed my hard work and are most likely feeling sorry for me.  Sean approaches and recommends a new spot, […]

Blast From the Past – Fly fishing the Kingdom – day 1

DAY 1: Arriving at Gillhams (near Krabi) the previous afternoon I quickly began to see activity of the water.  Cruising Red Tail Catfish, Arawana, Rolling Arapaima.  I got an early nights sleep and got ready for the 7am lake opening. When you are about to begin a fishing trip you begin with a bunch of […]

Blast from the past- Fly fishing the kingdom

Ive got a penchant for Urban fly fishing.  Theres something grungy and cool about it.  Some years back we went to Thailand on a company incentive trip.  So it wasn’t long until I searched Fly Fishing Thailand and Gillhams came up.  Keep in mind this was before the (public) Masheer exploration and the Snakeheads were […]