The Next 3 Weeks

Right, I have three weeks of holiday, starting in about 2 hours. This is what I am going to be doing: Going home to the folks in Knysna to maybe entice a grunter: Making a stop at the farm to hunt some gully fish: And then the Transkei, for (hopefully) some sardine run action and […]


I’ll be spending this coming week fishing this lovely piece of water on the Transkei Coast. It’s a river that my old man cut his teeth on and one which I haven’t returned to in more than five years! I’m very excited! I’ve got a night time Cob fly concept that will be tested, I’ll […]

Good Afternoon

I got 3 of these little guys in quick succession this afternoon.  I also missed two that I pricked and lost one when my fly line got stuck between my stripping basket.  The tide just didn’t seem to come in this afternoon…so I was left to fish the kiddies area.  Was good fun in 15-30cm […]

Early Season Grunts

It was a tough day.  On the water at 6am and off it at 6:30PM.  An algae bank had grown across my usual flat which meant the fish couldn’t move on to it from the channel.  Change of tactics.  I started looking for fish on the sand and at 4pm they started to move on […]