From the archives: A message to Fred from Paul Weingartz

“Hello Fred,   Following are my thoughts and methods on trying to stop big fish ! Please don’t be offended if I repeat stuff you know.   I am off course referring to hooking and landing 90cm plus Gt’s from the shore or flats. Fishing GTs from a boat is way too easy and i don’t rate a GT […]

South African Saltwater Fish of the Year 2012

Ok so there are obviously catches I dont know about… but in my opinion its between these two: Some good grunts came out this year but I want to see a 4kg plus spotty before one gets into the race.  There is a good chance the Ecape crew caught some shtoinkers noone knows of….  

Giant flies

I read a story once about some anglers in Kosi Bay not being able to get bites because the GT’s we’re locked on to wave pompano and nothing could quite immitate them. With a long enough shank this would be the way forward.