Some Cape Mountain Fun

I spent last weekend with Ryan and Jen. A little Sunday roast to celebrate the impending changes in their family’s life and my own. We’re all off to new places and shared the excitement over some good wine and Jen’s exceptional cooking… And of course, while the ladies ate cheese under the trees, Ryan and […]

A Different Perspective – Guide Days 1

Most of my recent fishing forays have been spent behind my pointing arm playing guide. Although I never fish while guiding,  I tend to really enjoy these days out as I find they always force me to rethink habitual thought processes and be aware of a whole larger range of factors than what I’d normally, […]

Secret Places

We all have them. Whether we surf, rock climb, hike or fish. Those spots that are special to us. Often discovered by chance, the investigation of a rumour or on the word of a trusted fellow adventurer. They are often fragile and pristine and very often overlooked by the majority. These places are the places […]

The Study of Skinny

I love skinny water. Whether it’s a thin covering over a bonefish flat, the lapping of lake waters against a shallow bank or a tiny trout stream – there is something about thin water that I struggle to tear myself away. But it is on small trout streams of the Western Cape that I became […]

When old friends meet

Rex hasn’t been up this river for ages, neither have I. So when he had to be in Western Cape for a late season wedding, he made sure he had a day to explore one of our favourite rivers. I couldn’t make it; work and real life things! The photos are from an overnight mission […]

A stroll up a trout stream

On Sunday Justin Fletcher and I spent a cracking day up the Elandspad on beat 3. All photos taken on iPhone and S3

Report: Smalblaar Weekend

I spent Saturday with Mike, a Swedish holiday maker out to sample the wares of our stunning country. February and March is a always a tough time of the year for the lower beats – thin water, wisened trout, warm mornings and hotter days. The day started well with a beaut rainbow porpoising on the […]