A Guide To Tigerfishing

This article was published in the current issue of Fishing Wild Magazine. This magazine can be ordered by visiting: A Guide To Tigerfishing The tooth, the whole tooth and nothing but the tooth on fishing for tigerfish in Africa today. (Text and Photos by Leonard Flemming) Instead of the standard b.s. lyrics about how “big, […]

Hippos and Tigers

Whoever says you don’t get tigers in Africa is lying. We do, they’re just not big cats, they’re big fish. Tourette Angling have been making a habit of getting their clients into some BIG Tigerfish. The Tanzanian Tigerfish (Hydrocynus tanzaniae, or the blue tigerfish) grows bigger than its southern cousin, Hydrocynus Vittatus, which we get in the […]

Tigers in the Middle

The Tigerfish is Africa’s answer to fly fishing. These power-fanged denizens produce rock hard strikes, generate unstoppable bursts of speed, and perform jaw-clattering summersaults. –Francois Botha. Fanged Creatures of Awesomeness I haven’t caught enough of these fish. I want to catch more. I will catch more. However, my old friend Stuart Harley is catching lots […]