The Grunter Paradox

So you have a super spooky fish, considered almost impossible to fool on any artificial.  Not surprisingly it becomes a highly sought after species.  Then you hear some totally outlandish story, about that specie feeding carefree on some ridiculous fly.  Permit on floating crabs, to Spotted Grunter on floating prawns. The floating prawn story isn’t […]

A few days in the Route

I love climbing in the car in Cape Town to set off Eastwards. Towards Knysna, the Garden Route and Home. You just have to love Africa 😀 With three weeks of fishing coming up, I was as excited as ever. My first mission was a detour close to Mossel Bay just to check the condition […]

Grunter Thoughts

I happened upon one of my journals this past weekend. It’s from 2009 mostly and figured it’d make an interesting read. As I was paging through it having a chuckle at odd insights and strange thoughts, I came across the following the entry. Obviously I had had a frustrating morning on the mud flats at […]