A fly fishing Christmas party

It is time for the Cape Piscatorial Society’s annual Christmas party. Members of the society will enjoy the opportunity to meet up with friends or perhaps even meet new fishing buddies over drinks and snacks at the CPS clubroom on 11 December. If you’re not a member, feel free to join and enjoy the party!

CPS River Festival

The following information was brought to my attention by the Cape Piscatorial Society Committee: The annual CPS River Festival will be held from 31 October 2014 to 2 November 2014. Due to the unpredictable condition of the Holsloot River it was decided to reduce the total number of available spaces to thirty guests (plus fifteen guides) […]

A stroll up a trout stream

On Sunday Justin Fletcher and I spent a cracking day up the Elandspad on beat 3. All photos taken on iPhone and S3

EP 3 Report

Beat 3 of Elandspad is one of my favourites. We had a fantastic start to the day. No wind, fish moving and clear sky. As always, this time of year on any Cape Stream shows up all your casting weaknesses and helps you realise the ABSOLUTE importance of presentation. Fish were caught all day on […]

StreamX CPS Stream Festival 2013

There’s nothing quite like a gathering of fly fishermen; old friends, new friends, lots of talking (mostly about fish caught and lost – they always get bigger) and plenty of drinking.  And the StreamX CPS Stream Festival was the perfect place for a gathering of feather-throwers. Friday afternoon and evening was very much an informal […]

Summer is arriving

Last Sunday I spent a very pleasing morning on beat 2 of The Smalblaar River. Although the trout didn’t start slow, we did. My partner for the day, Justin Fletcher, had not fished a Cape stream before. I’d also not ever fished with him. It is always pleasing to watch someone’s first cast and realise […]

Season Opener

Ryan Weaver is a good friend and great fisherman. Thank heavens he also has access to some lovely waters. I had beat six booked on Holsloot for the day based the thought that being a tail water, it may help with the higher than normal early season water levels. However, upon arriving at the gate, […]