Sudan prep – Scour hour. Contraband Crabs

I couldn’t seem to find the natural Scotchbrite pads that Chichone uses, but I did find kitchen cleaning ones in white. Some tea got them to a nice colour.  Combined with some Evostick “Sticks like Sh!t” mixed with tan hobby paint on the bottom worked a treat.

Oh ya, im off to Sudan in May, so these are for the Trigs.  Yeehah.

6 thoughts on “Sudan prep – Scour hour. Contraband Crabs”

  1. Ray says:

    Send me a few of those!

  2. Pla says:

    Heeeeyyy Sudan, nice. Be sure to tie some crabs in a light drab green and light brown. A lot of the time you’ll be targeting them on mottled coral surfaces and not sand and the green was a colour the guides were always looking for in my box. Also, try use drab colored hooks, when I was there the triggs were extremely spooky and my shiny hooks weren’t helping.

    1. Peter Coetzee says:

      Thanks Pla, next one you’ll like!

  3. Ray says:

    Yeah, those tan crabs ain’t gonna work in Sudan, might as well send em my way.

  4. sam says:

    Think the seller was Bic warehouse or something.

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