Peter Coetzee

Peter Coetzee

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  1. Hi Peter
    I just found your blog when I spotted an old forum entry you made a while ago when creating a mud prawn pattern for spotted grunter… Please search for the JLM Special on my “metiefly” blog and let me know what you think… Even better, if you wish to test one let me know and I’ll post you a couple… Best regards – Mark

    1. Hey Mark

      Just been having a look at your site – very cool. Your JLM Special will definitely work on the tropical flats, especially over a darker bottom of broken coral and weed. Bonefish should snack it happily! Cool fly.


      1. Thanks so much Fred – Glad you enjoyed my site and excellent to have your opinion on the JLM Special. I shall be posting the results of any successes as soon as I discover them!

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