Ok so there are obviously catches I dont know about… but in my opinion its between these two:

Ewan Kyle with a 101cm Geet
Ewan Kyle with a 101cm Geet
Conrad Botes with a 86cm Breede Kob
Conrad Botes with a 86cm Breede Kob

Some good grunts came out this year but I want to see a 4kg plus spotty before one gets into the race.  There is a good chance the Ecape crew caught some shtoinkers noone knows of….


Peter Coetzee

Peter Coetzee

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  1. Yo Pete,
    Like the new site. Sick stuff! But what’s the deal with no links? Ya’ll living in a vacuum? Still got my link to your old site over on FlatsWalker, and though I know I’m a world away, it’s a pretty small world nowadays.

    Anyways, should I keep my link pointed there or here?

    Peace and tight lines,
    WindKnot the Angler

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