Recently caught 17 kg Largemouth Yellowfish on bait

If you wish to catch a golden mahseer travelling to India is understandable, but if you are looking for a big yellowfish on fly, stick to South Africa. This is my aim and what every fly fisherman should strive for when targeting largemouth yellows in our country. Would love to hear from anyone who’s caught a +35 lb largemouth yellowfish on fly – please let us know.

Leonard Flemming

Leonard Flemming

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  1. its a pity that this beautiful specimen was not released back into the river it came out of .Its considered an endangered specie . Will they ever learn and start conserve?

    1. Hi Rudolf, in the text it is mentioned that the fish was released, but I doubt that statement by looking at where the photo was taken. I agree, too many trophy fish are killed, even in today’s ‘educated’ world.

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