Ive banned myself from tying crustaceans.  I have triggerfish like taste at the vice and as a result I always end up tying Crabs, Shrimp, etc.  As a result my fish flies aren’t where they should be.  More than once now Ive found myself in a bait ball scenario hating everything in my fly box.  So as of March this year, I will be on a crustacean hiatus.  Largely land bound its time to fill the boxes.

I also bought a C&F little crap catcher thingy.  Ive always steered away from these because it was a nightmare to get off the post.  This one uses a magnet so its quick to empty.  Had to make it slightly larger for the J-Vice by heating the base and pushing it through.

Expanding on Jimmys shimmer fringe baitfish. This time using flexo which is a bit more forgiving.

Due to the Gabon nightmares

One for Magnum

One for Bob

New fishing doggo