Far up a large lake in the south of the land of the All Blacks lie two unreal rivers. They’re difficult to get to. Spoken about with hushed voices. Difficult to much information on. They’re on my list of places to fish.

Of course, my good friend Rex, who regular readers of this blog will have realised makes most of us jealous with his trout tales, has fished them. This particular trip was spent with Mike Avery, another varsity friend and fellow fly fisher, and the two of them did some serious exploring on South Island. This is what they found…

As always, a big thanks to Rex for the photos. Such stunning scenery can only make our eyes water and quietly curse him under our breath.

Fred Davis

Fred Davis

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  1. This is magic! Every fly fisherman should visit NZ, whether they dig salt or freshwater or both departments – nothing wrong with targeting 15 – 30 lb searun browns in the ‘lagoons’ in NZ with a 9 wt and streamers, for instance…Hope I can join you on your mission there one day:):):)

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