My Milkfish nightmares started up this weekend again… and I started asking the question- can a Milkfish be caught in South African waters?  Are they still thick enough to target?

We all know that decades ago they were thick in our home waters, but overfishing has been unkind, and its been years since ive even heard of one being caught.  I posted on a local forum hoping for a hail mary.  And it happened.

The most recent sightings were by a spearo named Rory.  In the week from the post was started he managed to spot the shoals again.  80-100 strong.  On the surface.  Location- Umkomaas.  Imagine that.

Cape Vidal Milkfish
Cape Vidal Milkfish
Kosi Bay in the 90's
Kosi Bay in the 90’s
Durban South Pier in the 80's
Durban South Pier in the 80’s


Peter Coetzee

Peter Coetzee

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  1. Hi Peter,
    I have personally seen a school of about 20 fish off the coast at St. Lucia and have heard of a report of some more seen earlier this year. I think that could be caught, with a lot of time and money spend on the water. I will try get some more info from a guy i know that runs a fishing charter at st. Lucia when I see him again, maybe he has more info..

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