A few months ago I had a good chuckle on Facebook when a friend took a bit of abuse because of an old worn out cap he had on.  His last response was, “..well say what you want, lucky caps catch fish”.

Ray has a lucky buff, I have a lucky hat, and Francois has a lucky shirt.  It worked in St Brandon, It worked in Farquhar, it worked in the Breede.  Not surprisingly it was caught on one of Ian Kitchings lucky segmented deer hair prawns.  He also had lucky charms for breakfast before heading out.  Lucky fish.

x_picdump_162 x_picdump_163 x_picdump_164



Peter Coetzee

Peter Coetzee

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3 Responses

  1. gorgeous fish,
    luck, sucking off the teats of diligence and perseverance
    that said, I never leave home without me buff!

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