In preparation for Seychelles – Part 1: The Tan Clouser

The reason for this post is to share the tying demonstration of a fly pattern, as tied by Chris Bladen, with Ewan Naude. Ewan and I will be fishing the Seychelles in a few week’s time and the rat race to get hold of as much info about the place as possible has started. Chris’ Tan Clouser worked well for him in Alphonse a few years ago and he also described it as his go-to pattern for any tropical flats destination. He’s caught some beautiful fish, including a lovely permit, on the fly, which in our opinion is a ‘good enough’ reason to include it in the fly box.

2 thoughts on “In preparation for Seychelles – Part 1: The Tan Clouser”

  1. bruce says:

    great fly
    which those permit will not resist

    looking to do a DIY visit tp the seycheeles Mahe/Praslin etc

    se fred is the man to contact
    but any help would be great

    where to go/where to stay

  2. Jeremy says:

    Got two permit on this pattern last week in Cosmo! Thanks for the demo!

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