As a young man I used to fly over the Sahara almost weekly.  After leaving the Canaries, Western Sahara and Mauritania were a welcome sight.  Id take my chances with terra firma. x_picdump_104 x_picdump_105 x_picdump_106

Mauritania was somewhat of an anomaly to me.  It was the calmest coast id ever seen on the Atlantic facing side of Africa.  Perfect for beach fishing I thought.

In the interests in survival I stopped ferry flights but that coastline was filed under “surf fly fishing” in my head.


x_picdump_103 x_picdump_107

Then in 2007 Mauritania made international news when a bunch of French tourists were gunned down on a beach.  It was a sad state of affairs.  The news anchors mentioned another scary thing, the country was littered with land mines.  No more Paris Dakar, no more tourism.

Then something popped into my saved search of Mauritania on youtube.   A surfer named Kepa Acera had uploaded a video.  He also uploaded a few after, so it seemed he had survived.

How much of an impact has commercial fishing had here?  Are the Leerfish as big as in the med?  It seems so.

look at that Leerfish tail

look at that Leerfish tail

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_42637_Mauritania_fishing x_picdump_96