I didn’t know how this name popped into my head and decided to give it a google, pre-post.  Turns out there was an American Footballer with that last name who became a murderer and its on my Netflix home screen.  Not sure if he was a hermit though, and hopefully this fly murders the perms.  I’ve kept this one under wraps for a while now.  And while I’m not sure how many hermits perms in the Middle East eat, this is my personal favourite hermit crab design this far.  Theres an in and out the shell version.

I was also confused with why it popped into my head at all, then I remembered Dre and Pla sharing this video (below) of Hermits and their hierarchy when it comes to shell selection.  That sleeping tablet last night must have been laced with some dmt.  Here he is – Hermit Hernandez;

hermit crab fly sbs
Silicon sheet will be used for claws and shell. This is craft fur and RTV silicon (as per JAM fly sbs)
hermit crab fly sbs
Chenille, Silicon craft fur sheet claw, foam carapace

hermit crab fly sbs
Tie in some craft fur up the shank from the foam carapace, then silicon it and push it flat over the foam carapace. Trim before dry so it stays fused. Cut foam sheet and superglue over rest of shank. First add lead. I then add silicon under the body and cut little bits of craft fur that i stick into it.
hermit crab fly sbs
Shhhh, its nap time. Use the rest of your silicon sheet to stick over using silicone again. Use a needle through the hook eye to stop it sliding down. Trim after and then wrap with mono thread to create the shell ridges.
herm it crab fly sbs
Non shell variety. That body is made up of a “roll” of silicon impregnated craft fur

hermit crab fly sbs

Hermits in Oman (photo – Ray Montoya)

Peter Coetzee

Peter Coetzee

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