A RIPPLE OF EXCITEMENT Tired of flies falling around in your foam fly box? I definitely was (especially after losing plenty flies carrying cheap polystyrene

The Mother F#$%ing Fly box review

Something I noticed while stocking up on saltwater flies was that one could never own a big enough fly box for the multitude of crabs,

Fundamental Fly Tying DVD review

I know Gordon personally, so while enjoying the privilege to write a review about his movie, a step-by-step and informative fly tying DVD called Fundamental

Nautilus X-Frame: First Impressions

Yesterday I picked up my new Nautilus X-Frame and I was immediately taken by its weight. It’s just so light! Even now, after spooling, it almost

Something genius

Im that kid that got himself in trouble growing up from pulling apart everything.  When the first cell phones arrived I ended up with my

Smith Optics Polarchromic Review

Angler: F Davis Make: Smith Optics Model: Techlite Polarchromic Polarised TM Copper Style: Turtle Shell Dolen Years used: 3 months Price: approx ZAR 3000 retail According to the Smith website, they “combine

Smiths Optics SA Update

In a follow up to my review of the Smith’s ChromaPop Sunglasses, where I mentioned that I was waiting on Stealth SA, the Smiths dealer

2015 Five-Weight Shootout

It is time to think about your next stream rod; Yellowstone Angler compared different 5 wt models of several brands. According to their findings, the

The ChromaPOP Review

Angler: F Davis Make: Smith Optics Model: ChromaPOPTM Copper Mirror Style: Matt Black Dolen Years worn: 4 Price: approx ZAR3000 retail Having fished in Costas for the past five years, I

Shilton Saltwater SL Series Review

I recently had the opportunity to test two saltwater Shilton models on a trip to the Socotra Islands. The Shilton kit included the saltwater SL6

Isautier Rum Review

What a weekend! My day just got a whole lot better when 4 bottles of the Indian Ocean’s finest just arrived yesterday morning. Thanks to

Wade Caranx (first impressions) Review

With the impending Blue Fin season in the Med fast approaching, Fabien ordered himself the new Wade reel in size CARANX. Seeing as I played

8 wt shootout

This link was sent to me by Edward Truter, a man that is now a G Loomis NRX convert. The article is worth looking at if

Tibor Rebuild Time

My Tibor was in dire need for replacement parts before Oman.  Instead of doing the rebuild I decided to take the kit along, hoping it

Nautilus CCF No.8 Review

Angler: F Davis Make: Nautilus Fly Reels Model: CCF No. 8 Rod weights: 7 – 9 (and #10 – #12 if you are desperate) Years fished: 4 Weight: 246g /

Tibor Riptide QC

So recently I was in the market for a fly reel.  There are many fly reel tests and shootouts out there, but I couldn’t find