Part of the fun of being in Knysna at this time of year is the annual Knysna Oyster Festival and the fun and games that come with this event. I had entered to run a few of the trail runs and although they may well have got in the way of a bit of fishing, I was super keen to be competing!

What I didn’t count on was picking up a foot injury which put me on the couch for most of the week. When I did hobble around it was with much frustration. I managed to put some conventional fishing in at our farm, Dollieskraal, but the unruly sea put paid to any fly fishing in the gullies. The physio has had her way with my foot and there seems to be an improvement – I’ll be on the push in an hour or so – so here’s to at least a couple of good sessions before I head home!

Early morning Knysna...
Early morning Knysna…

I managed to get some tying done but my vice was so hijacked by young Dave and Belle Botha. These two youngsters – children of family friends and keen outdoor people, Tim and Candice Botha – were absolutely enthralled. Dave tied up no less than twenty crazy flies that he couldn’t wait to test on the trout of their little dam back home. Even Belle put in a couple great pink and blue (girl’s will be girls!) patterns which I believe would easily fit into any Steelheader’s box!

It’s awesome to spend time with youngsters who don’t feel the need to run to a Playstation or XBox whenever there is a free moment but will rather just play, fish and explore (or tie a million flies). Watch this space, they’re both going to do some proper exploring and catch some serious fish in the years to come!

Dave snipping away under his dad's watchful eye!
Dave snipping away under his dad’s watchful eye!
Belle, a picture of concentration!
Belle, a picture of concentration!
Dollieskraal. A playground of gully fishing when the sea drops off!
Dollieskraal. A playground of gully fishing when the sea drops off!

I haven’t done the fishing I wanted to so far – weather and foot injury have got in the way – but what a treat a spending down here watching two future fishing fanatics get hooked on tying flies!


Fred Davis

Fred Davis

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