Fly hacks 1 – tidy leaders

Maxima.  I love everything about the stuff, bar the crap plastic spools that it comes on.  I feel like I spend my life untangling these things.  The first fly hack is a simple one.  Cut up some compression socks!

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4 thoughts on “Fly hacks 1 – tidy leaders”

  1. Edward Truter says:

    … now, before you slide the sock section onto the spool: make a tiny hole in the middle of the sock, insert a short section of ear-bud tube that’s been burned on both ends (to round the edges), pull short section of the sock up around the tube and wrap it with strong tying thread around and onto the tube section and flush with one end of the tube, then thread the end of line through from the ‘inside’ of the tube and slip the sock over the spool. You’ve now created a sock with a sort of nipple in it through which the line protrudes and you can never loose the end again and nor can little bits unwind around the edges. I’ve sent you cellphone pic Pete.

    1. Peter Coetzee says:

      Ed! where did you send the pic? You have my 071 number? Cheers

  2. Ray says:

    Peter, your rec. for flats no beach stuff. Ultra green, chameleon or clear

  3. Will says:

    I use a cable tie for this with a hole burnt in the one end, where the line passes thru.

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