The Dinner Bell

An 89 cm dusky kob taken on the Dinner Bell I designed the Dinner Bell fly while guiding Tourette Fishing clients for tigerfishing in Tanzania. It

New Ties

Two good mates of mine are off on different trips.  Ewan Naude is off to the Ecape for some estuary and surf action and Conrad Botes

Experimenting with silicone claws

There is one thing that I hate about my semi realistic crabs… The claws.   If you look at any crab, the most prominent feature

Fishing Crab Patterns – Part 2

Fishing crabs requires a little more thought than simply retrieving in a regular pattern. Have you ever observed a crab? If you get the chance,

Fishing Crab Patterns – Part 1

I have been fascinated by crab patterns since my first Seychelles trip way back in 2002. It was a long time ago and as ‘green behind the

Investigating Stationary

Jack Samson wrote about a British carp fly fisherman who fished at Turneffe (or one of the surrounding islands) who caught something like 18 permit

Giant flies

I read a story once about some anglers in Kosi Bay not being able to get bites because the GT’s we’re locked on to wave

Petes Surgeon Crab

I designed this guy for shallow reefs.  It had to stay up-right in all sorts of situations and land with as little splash as possible. 

Grunters At Night

Going to farther and/or deeper doesn’t always guarantee you fish, because the best time for man to fish, isn’t always the best time for the fish to feed.

Fishing Ugly Crabs

The first time I threw a crab pattern at a fish, I got denied. And so was the case for the second, third and so