Tan GT Brush Fly

Tim Babich is a head guide for FlyCastaway and he has caught many big GTs on fly tackle in and around St Brandon’s and Farquhar.

Cotton Candy Crab

Ive been struggling to find decent velcro lately.  Staring at some craft fur trimmings I figured there must be another way… Loon UV acrylic leaves

Tying the Flat Nose Silicone

One of my favourite patterns for dusky kob is the flat nose silicone mullet. This fly has got an absolutely deadly action if tied correctly,

Snag-less loop knot

Here is an alternative way to tie an improved loop knot (as inspired by Edward Truter) to a crab fly. It is very useful when

the SSS- segmented silicon squid

On the back of Mikes incredible White Musselcracker capture many of us have been trying to find a common denominator between Mikes catch and the only previous

Howe Style flashy profile fly

The golden age of offshore fly fishing was the 90s.  Trey Combs, Chico Fernandez, Steve Abel, Roy Beadle, Nick Curcione and others were the Rat

Tuna time!

I had been itching to fish the deep water off Cape Point to target our pelagic saltwater species on fly for a number of years until recently.

Peters Jam sandwich fly

Peters Jam Sandwich

Movement under the carapace is something that has always bugged me about my previous Jam flies, and after seeing Jannies version 1889218 of his famous

5 Flies for the tropical salt

After fishing the ‘Socotra-islands’ I realised that some saltwater fly patterns certainly work better than others. The challenging fishing also taught me a few lessons


I hate tying big saltwater worm flies.  Hate it.  Wool, zonker, whatever.  They wrap, cast like crap and never look realistic.  I tried to mould

Caribbean Espionage

A pattering pictorial through coastal Belize Photographs by Jim Klug Location: Central America, bordering the Caribbean Sea, between Guatemala and Mexico Weather: Tropical (very hot


After I chatted to Edwardsiella (Edward Truter) about his striped mullet tactics and realised how similar it was to what I re-discovered with the tips

Pop a Poppa!

This is so cool. I would love to try it on our kob and even grunter perhaps? Ed Truter and his crew often catch grunter