Fly Hacks – Robbing the Vanity

I made my usual Wednesday night Beer and Cigarettes visit to my good buddy Warwicks last night… Warrels as he’s known to many ( and

The Mother F#$%ing Fly box review

Something I noticed while stocking up on saltwater flies was that one could never own a big enough fly box for the multitude of crabs,

Fly Hacks: Googly Eyes

By Gerald Penkler Eyes on flies look terrific, at least to the angler. I am convinced fish prefer them, but have no evidence to support.

Walking with Jesus in Slumtown

“Haha, just watch out for those friggen Jesus fish…We call them Jesus fish ‘cause every time you step on one you shout ‘oh GEEEZIS’, haha!”,

Portrait of a Fly Part II. The JAM

Tying Jam flies is a laborious and arduous affair. But I would definitely tie a fresh JAM for every grunter I catch, if it was


A few months ago Jimmy Eagelton introduced me to a pattern that produced quite a few silver kob (Argyrosomus inodorus) for him on the West

A Fly for Big Fish…

So, with the impending Uganda trip I’ve spent some time doing the research (aka ogling photos on the internet of big fish) and with the constant

Matching the Hardware

I’m very excited about the prospect of joining the Tourette boys an their first ever fly fishing only trip to Gabon next year. Tourette fishing

Day 2 – A goat heist at Khalil

For me one of the hardest things to do is leaving a spot that’s producing fish, but short on time and long on enthusiasm,  we

Vice Squad escapades

The Vice Squad evenings (initiated by Tudor Caradoc-Davies) at the Cape Piscatorial Society clubroom is taking off and the last event (and second one hosted at this

Vice Squad 16 April 2015

Dear interested fly fisher, Join us for the next CPS Vice Squad on Thursday 16th April. The lineup includes freshwater and saltwater patterns generously demoed by the

Surf Candy with a twist

Rupert Harvey posted an awesome video showing him tying the fat boy mullet.  I’ve never thought to double up mono braid, its genius, and perfect