Here are a few pics we ‘captured’ during the festive season. This ‘pic dump’ includes some of the fish that Feathers and Fluoro contributors caught as well as those from our close friends. Please note that we don’t own all of these photos/pictures, but we do love them and love sharing them – click on some of the pictures to see movie clips or follow links:

Fred shad

Andre fighting tuna

Andre tuna

Andre carp 2

Andre carp

Andre bass

Conna grunt

Herman grunt



Pete yellow

Jannie cover shot

JD kob pic

Tudor leerie

Tudor kob

Jako Lucas tuna off Astove

Juan Coetzee leerie

Haga Haga

Girls who fish

Alevin fly

Articulated flies

Barotse tiger

Cat fur parachute

Carp on fly photo of Alaska

Tarpon Tourette

tarpon art 1

Tarpon art 2

Feeding fish

Fish that threw the hook

Pete bird

Cape yellowtail on the surface at Cape Point

Tail and bronzies at Cape Point

Garreth Coombes Ayara

Internet ruining fishing


Anticipation is killing me

Bolivian cat by Damien Brouste

Reverse parachute

NZ rainbow

The Hero pose

Upper Zambezi yellow

Merry Christmas

Croc in rapids

Nude fly fishing

Respect the fish

Beached whale

Beached whale 2