It was a tough day.  On the water at 6am and off it at 6:30PM.  An algae bank had grown across my usual flat which meant the fish couldn’t move on to it from the channel.  Change of tactics.  I started looking for fish on the sand and at 4pm they started to move on with the spring high.

On my third or fourth presentation I missed a strike and shortly after dropped a fish.  I thought id blown my shots for the day.  Then a group of Submarines (or as Nick calls them – Rude Boys) came on to the flat.  Instead of presenting long I stalked until I was a few meters away.  The first fish pitched and all of them did.  I presented and second strip – ON! HARD. Vicious Take.

30cm of water and about 50m from the channel.  The fish took off like mad, fighting a lot harder than usual.  I still thought I had one of the Rude Boys.  When I finally turned the fish and got my first glimpse I could see it was the smallest fish in the group.  It was a strange one, disproportionately tall over the shoulders.

Clear sky, clear water, white sand.  Awesome day.  Awesome Fight.  After hacking around in the surf all winter trying to get Steenies it was good to be back doing the fishing I love most.  With only my shins wet.

Spotted Grunter on Fly
Spotted Grunter on Fly
Peter Coetzee

Peter Coetzee

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