Friend and accomplished fly fisherman Graeme Field of Liquid Horizon has put together a DIY trip to Farquhar next year April. I was hoping to go but can’t get leave – I’ve already used up too much chasing fish 🙂

The trip has been advertised for this week only and already half the slots have been taken.

Details and photos can be found at

So if you’re interested in chasing Giant Trevally, Bumphead Parrot and a hundred other species on this amazing atoll, get hold of Graeme at graeme at or me at fjdavis1 at

Farquhar DIY trip information

Fred Davis

Fred Davis

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  1. Hi All. The trip is full – this happened very quickly. To those who are still interested in a trip of this nature, please email me (fjdavis1 at or Graeme so that we can see if there is enough interest for another trip later in the season.

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