Our very good friend Nick Filmalter is certainly living the dream. He’s just spent a bit a time diving (and fishing a bit) around Farquhar. These are a few photos that he was ‘kind’ enough to send. They’re all taken from the yacht’s microlite.

Enjoy the day dreaming – I know I have been!

All photos thanks James Loudon.

Fly_fishing_farquhar_Surf Line

The Lodge of North Island
The Lodge of North Island
Fly_fishing_farquhar_South to Manahar
The Manahar Gaps
Fly_fishing_farquhar_South Point 2
The coral playground off the point of South Island
Fly_fishing_farquhar_South Island
Looking North along the East Coast of North Island
Fly_fishing_farquhar_South Island 3
The flats between Goelette and South Island
Fly_fishing_farquhar_South from Goelette No Mans Land
South of Goelette lies No Man’s Land
No Man's Land
No Man’s Land
Fly_fishing_farquhar_Shark and GT
A GT cruising with a shark.
Fly_fishing_farquhar_Looking South
Looking South along Western edge of the atoll towards Rats and Mice
Rats and Mice
Rats and Mice
Fly_fishing_farquhar_Main Pass
The main reef pass with the lodge on the left of the photo.
Fly_fishing_farquhar_Manahar Gaps
My promised land – the Manahar Gaps
Fly_fishing_farquhar_Northern Half of Farqs
Looking North
Fly_fishing_farquhar_Goelette to South Point
Goelette to South Island
Fly_fishing_farquhar_Goelette Is
Goelette looking south


Fly_fishing_farquhar_Channel at Manahar
A shallow pass off the Gaps
Bommie Bashing Playground
Fred Davis

Fred Davis

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