I came across this clip this morning while sipping my pre-work coffee – that life saving bitter mug of awesomeness – and had to hit replay at the end. Some stunning close up footage of browns porpoising for low flying damsels.

Well played to the team at SharpTail Media. This from their vimeo site:

“My wife and I were fishing with friend/guide Dean Whaanga in New Zealand when a combination of bad weather and good timing resulted in a fish giving us the experience of a lifetime. I crawled on my stomach with my camera to the waters edge, hit record, and watched what was one of the coolest moments I have ever witnessed.”

Fred Davis

Fred Davis

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  1. Fantastic shots, we had a trout leaping out from beneath an undercut targeting low fly dragonflies on the river last week. Quite something to see. (and annoyingly impossible to copy).

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