Cotton Candy

Ive been struggling to find decent velcro lately.  Staring at some craft fur trimmings I figured there must be another way… Loon UV acrylic leaves some residue on setting, so its easy enough to peel off of something.  So I traced out a cut crab body with the acrylic, trimmed some fine craft fur on it and then applied the light…voila.  I did it to both sides incase there is some fur loss.

compressed_22 compressed_23 compressed_24 compressed_25 compressed_26 compressed_18 compressed_19 compressed_20 compressed_21 compressed_27

Ha! Pretty chuffed with that!

6 thoughts on “Cotton Candy”

  1. Leonard Flemming says:

    Pete! No words dude…Looks so good!

  2. Jan Korrubel says:

    What’s the off-white/grey goo you use on the bottom of the crab?

    1. Peter Coetzee says:

      Hi Jan, epoxy mixed with paint

  3. Andre Van Wyk says:

    Damn that looks great Pete… great idea mate…

  4. Ray says:

    Oh man, I wanna toss that in front of a big o ras Markaz perm!

  5. Martyn White says:

    Excellent, It’s funny, but I’ve also been struggling to get good velcro

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