Photos by Jim Klug

Copper River Basin

As with most remote fishing destinations in Alaska, the upper reaches of the Copper River is reached by float-equipped aircraft during the peak season. Several lakes in the area are stocked with a variety of freshwater fish, including coho salmon and Arctic char. Three species of anadromous North Pacific salmon, i.e., king, coho and sockeye salmon, can be targeted in the Copper River itself. Other fish species frequently captured include rainbow trout and/or stealhead, burbot, Arctic char, Arctic grayling and lake trout.

The upper Copper River lends itself to spectacular dry fly fishing and sight fishing opportunities in runs and riffles shallow enough to wade. Fishing amongst the wind sheltering groves of cottonwood, spruce and birch trees gives this valley a unique feel compared to most other Alaskan rivers.

Leonard Flemming

Leonard Flemming

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