The F.O.K.K. – Full On Kob Kalamari

I’ve been messing around with Squid Patterns the last couple weeks, mainly focused on GT versions for an upcoming trip in March 2018… But after a weekend up at Breede recently, and getting into a few Kob on conventional topwater with JD, whilst the other lads knocked a few on fly, I got to thinking […]

King of the flats

Fly anglers have been targeting Cape yellowtail (yellowtail kingfish in NZ) off the Western Cape coastline for many years, but few of these fish have been reported caught on foot. It is one of Jimmy Eagleton’s dreams to get one of these fishes from shore on a fly rod and although he’s come close it is […]

Dragons in the Northern Cape – Day 3

We cruised out home base and the home bay into a different body of water today.  Milky blue.  Ewan is feeling the pressure. We’d head back to my island first, and on the way there spot an awesome piece of structure.  A channel between two pinnacles.  In the deep sea this is exactly what you’d […]

Yellow Submarine

I dunno about those Beatles and their whole “We all live in a Yellow Submarine” bullshit… Who the fuck wants to live on a submarine anyway…. ? God damn hippies… Just before Christmas I took a suicidal day off during the busiest time of the year, pissing off my business partners no doubt, to head […]