Queenies & Tail on Fraser’s Flats

Words and photos by Paul Taylor To be frank I was hungry enough to eat the arse out of a low flying duck.  The morning set on the mac tuna schools had been a blast but I was ready for a break, food and something different.  We headed to the flats on the NW corner […]

Finesse where least expected

Brad and I have been going off Cape Point together for almost a decade.  First on tiny inflatables, then slightly bigger monohulls, and now finally in some decent craft, much to my delight. 50 odd miles off the water changes to cobalt blue, and rises from the teens to 20s.  Its something you can even […]

Simon’s Town tuna visit

The Simon’s Town harbour is known for frequent great white and Cape yellowtail visits, but this tuna visit is brand new news to us…Thanks again for sharing Tudor Caradoc-Davies!


The following article was published in Africa’s Original Flyfishing Magazine: Catching a doggie from shore A story about a dogtooth tuna that was caught from an island in the Red Sea By Leonard Flemming The Red Sea has been a red-hot topic amongst saltwater fly fisherman ever since Tourette Fishing started hosting guided trips to […]

Yellow Submarine

I dunno about those Beatles and their whole “We all live in a Yellow Submarine” bullshit… Who the fuck wants to live on a submarine anyway…. ? God damn hippies… Just before Christmas I took a suicidal day off during the busiest time of the year, pissing off my business partners no doubt, to head […]

FlyVolution: The Para Daddy

Words by Rex Fey. Photos are his too unless otherwise credited. Two of South Africa’s most effective dry flies are Tom Sutcliffe’s “DDD”, and Tony Bigg’s “RAB”. My go-to dry fly for all situations for the last 15 years has been what I call a “Big Daddy”. Basically it’s a red-arsed DDD with a more […]