Walking with Jesus in Slumtown

“Haha, just watch out for those friggen Jesus fish…We call them Jesus fish ‘cause every time you step on one you shout ‘oh GEEEZIS’, haha!”, Bricky explained joyfully before taking another sip from his beer. I had read somewhere that besides swimming far up rivers to feed on small mullet, skipjack also ambushed their prey […]

Into the Great Wide Open – Part 1: Adventures to St.Brandons Atoll

“Into the Great Wide Open…Under them skies of Blue… Out in the great wide open…. A Rebel without a clue”… I wonder if Tom Petty had wandering fisherman in mind when he penned his 1991 classic… But whenever I’m off on a mission to chase fish somewhere off the regular grid, this chorus is never […]

Deciphering South African legislation on great white sharks

Ian Cox sent me a very good response (from a legal point of view) on my post of catching a great white shark in South African coastal waters and thought it would give Feathers and Fluoro readers some insight on our National legislation; here is Ian’s response (and explanation): “The Marine Living Resources Act is not my […]

Juvenile great white caught at Plettenberg Bay

The great white shark is a protected species in South Africa and as far as rumour goes, the line should be cut at a safe distance from the fish as soon as the angler knows that he/she has hooked a great white shark. In the South African Marine Living Resources Act, 1998 (Act no. 18 […]

Angler gives up world record

A fish is something to challenge with tackle, admire and then release…Well demonstrated by Michael Roth in this link after he caught a clear world record black tip on fly and released it without claiming the record: http://www.southernfriedscience.com/?p=16763