Subtlety – Guide Days 3

A few weekends ago I spent the weekend showing a visiting Canadian both our streams and out saltwater fishing in the Western Cape. Unfortunately the booking, made months earlier, coincided with the CPS River Festival. Not only did this mean I would miss this fantastic event – it’s an absolute treat of an event; well […]

Guide Days 2 – Hitting the Mark

An important part of any days fishing is one’s ability to hit the mark – whether it’s getting up on time, or landing the fly in critical spot. Fishing for Sandsharks is not as simple task as it’s often made out to be – one doesn’t just walk onto a flat and hook up. They can […]

Langebaan – a Cainozoic sea…

Text and photos by Leonard Flemming Our coastline was formed in the latest era of geologic time, the Cainozoic (derived from Greek, meaning “new life”), which spanned over the last 65.5 million years. During this period, modern continents were formed and saltwater bays resulted from fluctuating sea levels and the erratic topography of the earth’s […]