Murchison Falls

Nothing could have prepared me for the complete and utter raw fury that is Murchison Falls. The Nile that I had been introduced to below the gorge was very big but also placid and smooth flowing. Almost pastural, in an over-sized African way (instead of cows and sheep roaming the pastures it’s elephant, buffalo and hippo)! […]

The Victoria Nile

Uganda… Where do I begin? An incredible country of colourful markets, genuinely happy people and shit roads. Our expedition up the Rwenzoris was successful. We’d summited Africa’s third highest peak, spent some time cruising Queen Elizabeth National Park in our Toyota Hi-Ace, now nicknamed The Green Jacuzzi – I’m still not sure how it came […]

Uganda Incoming

In less than a week we’ll be tackling the Mountains of Moon in Uganda. Although theorised about and named by Greek geographer Ptolemy in around 150AD, it was Welsh explorer Henry Morton Stanley, during his 1886 Emim Pasha Relief Expedition – one which was mired in controversy due the conduct of several of his European […]

Murchison Falls, the centre of the universe?

Murchison Falls is one of the few places in Africa that I am determined to visit. Fred Davis will be heading to the area soonish and he will be taking his fly fishing kit with…I am burning to read his report about the place. Check out this appetizer of what he’s in for…