Oman Part 2: African Gold and Dirty Queens

Finding myself back on a familiar beach got me thinking. Had I over-reacted? My mother would probably say no. I had left an unwalked beach, that I had been spying on Google for ages, early. Were the Perms there today? Smashing crabs and snails in the shore wash? Did my rush out cost me? One […]

Into the Great Wide Open – Part 1: Adventures to St.Brandons Atoll

“Into the Great Wide Open…Under them skies of Blue… Out in the great wide open…. A Rebel without a clue”… I wonder if Tom Petty had wandering fisherman in mind when he penned his 1991 classic… But whenever I’m off on a mission to chase fish somewhere off the regular grid, this chorus is never […]

I owe an apology

Work life really caught up with me this year.  I started two new ventures, and with consultants in the states and local office here it basically means im busy from 6am until 2am.  As you can imagine by the time the weekend arrives my body just wants sleep. That changes next week.  Next week I […]

The legend of Millibangalal

Andre and I were on the hunt for snacks and headlamps in Manguzi this past week when I stumbled accross this. Mother of god.  I ran around the shop frantically until the manager told me where it was.  It took about 4 takes and some writing until I got it down.  Have checked the reports.  […]

What a trip.

I added the link a week or so back and I see its been getting some love.  If you like Permit fishing and the DIY trip check this out.  One of the most awesome reports on the back of some serious risk as the Chronicles boys head across the pond to look for Arabian Permit.  […]

African Pompano at Pomene

Quintin Brynard responded to a mail of mine on the Pompano and managed to dig out some pics of fish him and his old man caught at Pomene in mid 2002. Look at the size! 17kg! Insane. So thats another spot added to the “possible” list.

Mole crab / sea lice -version 1

This is my first go at the Mole Crab, which is apparently one of the Pompanos favourite meals.  Locally we call them Sea Lice, but only recently did I find out that’s a misnomer.  “Sea Lice” are actually Amphipods, and they eat fish, not the other way round. My next one will have a darker […]