New York Diaries 1. Blue In The Face

I arrived in New York City three days ago. I can see the Manhattan skyline from the window of my apartment in Red Hook. Two blocks from the water, with a perfect view of NY harbor towards the southeast. My room smell like fish. More accurately, it reeks. In a bad way. I’m here for […]

Oman Part 3: Yellow Perms and Lessons Learnt

My calves burnt as I sprinted over the soft hot sand. The dry air ripped at my throat. How the hell could a 100m sprint take so long. Behind, left strewn along beach in between the bones of long dead turtles and the month’s fare of washed up bottles lay my light spinning rod, camera […]

Jersey Blues

Last Friday I met up with Brent Flack-Davison for a drink after work in lower Manhattan. I’m in the Big Apple for work and I’m dying to scratch my striped bass itch. Brent, a born and bred Capetonian has been living in NYC for a number of years and has his finger on the local […]